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Our Mission

Workout Junkies strives to inspire and give empowerment to our client.    Through our motivation we give hope of a learned healthy lifestyle. Our commodity of personal training helps many regain their lives to feel confident.

Who We Are

While most will consider being a “Junkie” to be bad. We have taken what must see as a negative turn it into a movement. “Workout Junkies” is a grassroots movement and tribe of people enjoy taking care of themselves not only for them, but for the ones in their lives. Our mission is for everyone to #beobsessed for fitness, to be #workoutjunkies. Workout Junkies Fit Club is a 24 hour fitness center. Firstly, we cater to a community of people who have made the decision to be obsessed with fitness and nutrition.  Secondly, as a privately own gym we are known for our energized personal training. Our members and clients find our enthusiastic approach to fitness comforting. Thirdly, our gym is a local fitness center that offers 24 hour gym access for a low membership fee of $25, in addition, with our affordable gym membership you are allow to bring a workout partner.  Above all, our focus is to provide the community access to personal training, group class, and more. In addition, we have topnotch certified OKC Personal Trainers who are patient. Lastly, join Workout Junkies Fit Club and lives your best lives with a strong state of mind, body and health.
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Our Services

Our Services

Personal Training
All of our Specialist are certified personal trainer with their own area specialty.
24-Hour Gym Access
All of our paying members have access to workout junkies fit club 24-Hour.
Group Class
Our group classes are designed for all fitness levels. We have different class for different goals and target areas.
Nutritional Program
We are offer nutritional guidance and education to help our clients and members change their eating habits.
Massage Therapy
After a hard session clients can get a massage from one of our massage therapist.
Beyond just working out and nutrition we mental focus through Hypnotherapy with our in house specialists.

Our Clients


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