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As we pursue the xtreme physical & high  resilience in mentality of our athletes,  we also know that being a student-athlete,  their grades come first. We not only will build their body’s,  we will also build their mindsets of excellence. At Project XT we are fully engaged to see our athletes all the way through their goals whether it is to be a professional or Olympic athlete, or a nurse, doctor, military serviceman or woman. These are tools we use at Project XT to keep contact with our athletes and community:

– While in school, we will require weekly to monthly grade checks depending on their grades

– Grade expectations are they maintain 3.0 GPA as their CORE GPA dictates their ACT/SAT score requirements and NCAA or NAIA eligibility.

– Tutor assitance: if a student is struggling with grades we expect them to reach out for help. Getting tutoring at school from teachers & if they cannot find a teacher, we will help them find a tutor at whichever school they are at no matter the level schooling they are in.

-Career Counceling: providing goal markers for each student-athlete. Setting them up with becoming college eligible for sports, assisting with setting up college visits and choices, and degree program selection. We will even do military preparations for anyone deciding to join or awaiting start.

                          LIFE SKILLS
-Dress & Appearance: We know appearance is the first impression for anyone doing anything. We will teach our young athletes about proper dress and appearance for all aspects of life.

-Finance: We will teach things from budgeting, investing,  saving, & shopping, to balancing account ledgers so we have them life prepared financially. 

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