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Personal Training Specialists

Gwyn Davis
Wellness Coach
Age : 43 year old
Experience : 17 year
Contact no : 4058.535.2505
Gwyn Davis has a Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in Psychology, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and is certified in Personal Training, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Functional Medicine. As a wellness coach Gwyn tries to help her... 
Paulette “The PT Queen”
If you want to age in reverse through fit and flexible body, Paulette has the recipe.¬† She has been a group instructor for 36+ years in Oklahoma . She is ACE Certified. My experience has given me the opportunity... 
Bono “The Original”
Toning Specialist
Age : 32 year old
Experience : 4 year
Contact no : 405.209.9864
Are you looking for a unique mentally focused physical workout then you have to train with Bono “The Original”. A Experts Rating Certified Personal Trainer, This OKC Personal Trainer has been in the industry for over four years. He... 
Anson “Real Steel” Reed
Weight Training
Age : 42 year old
Experience : 12 year
Contact no : 405.537.5638
Anson Reed is an ISSA, NTC,ExpertsRating Certified Personal¬†Trainer. With over 10 years of experience in the Fitness and Wellness industry, he has continued to make strides as one of Oklahoma City’s leading Personal Training Specialist. His tenure in the... 
Jahaven “The Healer”
Holistic Specialist
Age : 25 year old
Experience : 7 year
Contact no : 405.974.8951
Jahaven is a Nationally Certified Massage Specialist and Neuromuscular Therapist. He graduated from Heritage College of Massage Therapy with over 1,200 hours of training in manual therapy. He is an insured professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association....