Dumbbell 004SK

$450.00 $400.00

Control the angle of the camera directly from the piloting application with a simple movement of the thumb. The shifting on the 180 angle is fully digital and independant from the drone movements.

Availability: 5000 in stock


A broad range of different types of exercise equipment are available, including

  • Free weights such as Dumbbell, Kettle bells, barbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Weight machines
  • Flexion machines
  • Pull-up bars

When strength training, not only should the weights used be considered, but the space available, one’s diet and clothing should also be taken into account. Exercise equipment may also include such wearable items as

  • proper footgear
  • gloves
  • hydration packs

Base Black, Base brown, Base Grey


Large, Medium, Small


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