Caleb ” Young Assassin” Frazier

Caleb is a 20yr old college student @ Southern Nazarene University he specializes in athletic training with a great eye to identify your strengths and your weakness. Caleb’s passion for strength and conditioning has led him to pursue a career in the Athletic Fitness Industry and his NSCA certification. Caleb works primarily with athletes who wants to improve on there weaknesses and become a better all around Athlete,he has a unconventional training strategy that has worked for many athletes and it will work for you. Caleb will push you to be a better athlete on whatever sport you play and in the classroom. This is the true meaning of being a student athlete.



Client Ratings

Training Level90%
Listening Skills100%
Care Relationship100%
Goal Achievement100%

Training Program

1-on-1 Personal Training
Caleb is great  when it comes to training athletes with a very cool style of training.  He will get you to your over all goal with his techniques. All about being a real student athlete. 
Meal Planning
With Caleb you will learn the importance of nutrition and balance with the right stuff. Eating right and staying hydrated is key to fueling a athletes body and performing at a high level. 
Workout Planning
With Caleb you will you will learn all the things that will help you become a better athlete on and off the field, when finishing his program you will be ready to take your game to the next leavel.  Praesent magna metus, conse viverra nec, convallis et lacus.

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