Jorge Durini

Jorge is a ACE Certified personal trainer with more then 13 years of strength, resistance & weightlifting training. Jorge specializes in fat loss with all of his clients he a very tough trainer with a direct approach to fitness. With his 3 years experience in Amateur boxing it taught him how to be martially strong and pushing pass all adversity life throws at you. His extensive knowledge in supplement/nutrition has always allowed him to shine over his competition and help his client achieve amazing results. Over his 13years of experience he has help countless of clients reach there goals and keep them, Jorge has a passion and drive like no other trainer he will hold you acceptable for what you say you want to accomplish.


Client Ratings

Training Level90%
Listening Skills100%
Care Relationship100%
Goal Achievement100%

Training Program

1-on-1 Personal Training
Jorge is insane when it comes to training client with 13 yrs of experance. Its all about correct form and understanding how muscle contract  when pressure in applied to them. Using the correct weight is key to success.
Meal Planning
With  Jorge  you will learn the importance of nutrition and balance with the right macro’s and micros. Eating right and staying hydrated is key to changing your health. 
Workout Planning
With  Jorge you will get push harder then you ever been push before to help you reach your goal, this type of training is very intense and challenging you.  Praesent magna metus, conse viverra nec, convallis et lacus.

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