Kari Neal

Kari is a single mother of two beautiful kids and a resident of Oklahoma City,OK .Kari has attended Martial Arts for over a year, its allowed her to have the discipline that’s needed to help her reach her goals.With this type of discipline it has helped her take her clients to a whole other level when it comes to training. Kari enjoys long distance run’s in her free time and loves being outdoors. Kari’s purpose is to use her experience to encourage other to remember who they truly are and always go after there goals. Kari wants to help as many people as she can to find happiness through fitness and make it a lifestyle change.




Client Ratings

Training Level90%
Listening Skills100%
Care Relationship100%
Goal Achievement100%

Training Program

1-on-1 Personal Training
Kari will get you to your goal by engorging as your working towards your goal. She will push as much as you need to be pushed.
Meal Planning
With Kari, you will get customized workouts and meal plans based on your personal goals and physical well being. Kari teaches all of her clients how to read the labels and encourage her clients to pay attention to everything you decide to eat. 
Workout Planning
There is a high level of accountability in and outside of the gym with Kari she will make sure you are pushing all the way through. Praesent magna metus, conse viverra nec, convallis et lacus.

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