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Paulette “The PT Queen”
If you want to age in reverse through fit and flexible body, Paulette has the recipe.  She has been a group instructor for 36+ years in Oklahoma . She is ACE Certified. My experience has given me the opportunity to help all ages get fit in cardio dance and strength. She strives to inspire and empower people to be young at heart and live like there is no tomorrow! She is an ACE certified personal trainer, AFAA group certified and PiYo Live certified Personal Trainer. If you are looking to get your groove back hire Paulette as your OKC Personal Trainer.

Client Ratings

Training Level90%
Listening Skills100%
Care Relationship100%
Goal Achievement100%

Training Program

1-on-1 Personal Training
A 1-on-1 training sessions with Paulette is one of the most rigorous activity that clients accomplish during their day. There is no other OKC Personal Trainer who keep engaged in a high level of intense workout like “The PT Queen”. Since, no client is the same so every session is uniquely tailor to your individual needs. With special attention to detail, body type, and the current state of body composition, clients are able to maximize their ability under a escalating intens mix dynamic workout. Session includes free weights, machine assist resistance, plyometric, cardio, intervals and much more. While sessions are intense they are fit for anyone looking for a high intensity driven workout. You will be challenged to push your limits, to dig deep, and put mind over matter to reach the end of one of these session. Her session is focused on Body Toning, Weight loss, and Strength.
Meal Planning
Hire “The PT Queen” as your OKC Personal Trainer and get a meal plan that is custom to your body, your fitness level and your goals. Every client must join the Workout Junkies PRO app subcription for  $9.99 in order to take advantage of having a meal plan created for them. She uses the easy to follow portion control container system to take the guess work and measuring out of your meal plan
Workout Planning
You will recieve a rigorous custom workout plan that is design to help you meet and achieve your goals when you are not schedule to do a workout session. You are held accountable do these workouts and you will need to be on the Workout Junkies PRO app subscription for $9.99 in order to receieve your tailored workout plan.

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