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Anson “Real Steel” Reed
Weight Training,strength and condition
Age : 42 year old
Experience : 13
Contact no : 405.537.5638

Anson Reed is an ISSA, NTC,ExpertsRating Certified Personal Trainer. With over 10 years of experience in the Fitness and Wellness industry, he has continued to make strides as one of Oklahoma City’s leading Personal Training Specialist. His tenure in the industry started at All American Fitness, later transitioning to 10 Gym. His work ethic and desire to impact lives by improving the health of his community led him to be the founder of Workout Junkies Fit Club. Anson now operates as our Lead Trainer and Weight Training Specialist. His program is focused on nutritional health and strength and condition . With Anson as your trainer you can expect personal meal plans, continuous accountability consultations, and an explanation of the purpose of why a healthy and proper conditioning are essential to living the lifestyle they desire. Anson is an NPC Competitor in OKC with a passion to see the average push themselves to greatness and will not accept anything else. “Get down or lay down,” is his moto.

Client Ratings

Training Level90%
Listening Skills100%
Care Relationship100%
Goal Achievement100%

Training Program

1-on-1 Personal Training
Anson is insane when it comes to training client with over 10yrs of learning the tricks and tweaks on how the muscles work he knows the subtle change needed to make the muscles grow. Its all about correct form and understanding how muscle contract  when pressure in applied to them. Using the correct weight and ego lifting is very important to see true results.
Meal Planning
With  Anson you will learn the importance of nutrition and balance with the right macro’s and micros. Eating right and staying hydrated is key to changing your health. Anson teaches all of his clients how to read the labels and encourage his clients to pay attention to everything you decide to eat. 
Workout Planning
With Anson you will get push harder then you ever been push before to help you reach your goal, this type of training is very intense and challenging but fun. Anson is all about form ,technique,  time under tension and hypertrophy.  Praesent magna metus, conse viverra nec, convallis et lacus.

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