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We All Love What We Do

Anson Reed – Workout Junkies Founder

Anson Reed is a ISSA, and NTC certified personal at Workout Junkies. He has been in the Fitness and wellness industry for 10+ years. Anson’s personal training career began  at All American Fitness where he trained for two years. Following that he had a career change and worked in the Finance Department in the Car Business for over a decade before deciding that physical wellness, fitness, and training was his true passion. He returned to training at 10 Gym where he trained for a very short time before deciding that he was going to open his own training studio to help build the community in a way it hadn’t been built. Anson is founder of Workout Junkies, in Bethany Oklahoma. Anson and his team  train clients one on one providing an optimal training experience. Anson is very focused on nutritional health as well. He provides clients with full meal planning services and continuous consultation with their diets. He strives to ensure that his clients understand the purpose behind a healthy diet and proper conditioning. He considers his clients family and wants them to feel comfortable and not judged so they can develop and attain their goals. He is currently working to grow and expand Workout Junkies to reach and positively impact as many lives as possible. Anson currently resides in Yukon with his wife Andrea and their two young kids.

Vic Foster – Project XT Founder

Victor Foster Jr is an ISSA & ACE certified personal trainer as well as a degree in the field. He received his first certification in 2003. He has been a trainer for over 15 years and a coach for over 20 years. He has coached from ages five (5) through college age. The sports he has or does coach are: Football, Wresting, Basketball, and Track & Field. Vic is also an over 20 year military service member being deployed and stationed all over the world. He is a 3x NPC Bantam Weight Bodybuilding Champion. He trains people in many different sports from golf, swimming, fencing, to bodybuilding, powerlifting and doing injury rehabilitation.

His desire to give back to the youth drove him to create his training brand ‘Xtreme Training and Nutrition’ aka ‘Project XT’ for short; which give focused training to athletes to push their potential to the next level. Project XT is about the full Student-Athlete in and out of school; in or out of sport. With Vic, you will get customized workouts and meal plans based on your personal goals and physical well-being. There is a high level of accountability in and outside of the gym for helping you reach your goals. You will train hard, you will be pushed mentally and physically greater than you could have imagined; but you will be safe and have some laughs!

Vic’s motto, “Get What You Came Here For”

Rachel Colman – Personal trainer / group fitness instructor / Fit Flow Yoga Instructor / Massage Therapy

My passion  for wellness comes from my love for the human body. I love the growth and physical changes that people achieve when they focus on self care and am amazed at the bodies ability to heal itself when self care is implemented into daily living. A lotta bout myself I fell in love with yoga and live to practice daily, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at 405yoga. I also have a passion for training and helping people reach their fitness goals.

Jesse Phillips

Jesse is a 26 year old trainer. He may be new to training but he’s nowhere near new to the world of sports and athletics. He is NASM trained. Jesse prides himself on his ability to learn people and solve problems. He is good at tackling anything that comes his way. His specialties include; strength training, conditioning and has been very successful with helping clients with weight loss and maintenance. ​

Kari Neal – Personal Trainer

Jessica Costin – Personal Trainer


Jessica started in fitness in 2016. She was student-athlete who participated in Softball for 9 years, Basketball and Track.  She has worked in the finance industry for 7 years. She has done personal training on the side since 2019. Jessica specializes in strength and conditioning. Jessica is making the transition to become a full time trainer. Jessica is so passionate about the fitness industry because she can learn how to be healthy. The biggest part of personal training for her is the satisfaction she receives when able to help others to love themselves more and being able to change others lives so they can fulfill their endeavors. Jessica resides in Moore with her younger daughter. A quote she likes to go by is by Muhammad Ali “Don’t count the days-Make the days count!” 


Carlos Phillips – Personal Trainer


Jorge Durini – Personal Trainer


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